Information :
This resource contains low-resolution images from all the shows shot over the past 12 months. Each image is tagged with a unique image code which enables us to pull the high resolution version for delivery to you. This resource is only available to press and media accredited for the various Fashion Weeks. Should you not be on our list of accredited media for a particular event, please email us your full details and image requests, along with intended usage and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

How it works :
On the official Press Portals we have a selection of the key garments, looks and the designer from each show - available immediately in high-res. For example you can access this at the official AJFW Press Portal. (Should you want images from this event).

However some press or media would like images of a particular garment or accessory, so this low resolution preview is available to view the entire selection of photographs from each show.

1. Browse the show you would like to get images from.
2. Take note of the unique Image Code for those images you would like in high-res.
3. E-mail your image numbers to SDR PHOTO (broken down by show).
4. Specify your method of delivery - preferably via our FTP server, on CD, or via E-mail.

Delivery Methods :
As mentioned above there are 3 ways to obtain your high-resolution images.

FTP Server is our preferred method - and the quickest. You will be emailed a web address with your image selection, and you can download these at your leisure by using any standard web-browser. This method is also the fastest way to get a large number of images.

CD-ROM discs can be couriered to your address - this method of image delivery is preferable for requests exceeding 20 images.

E-mail is only used if you wish to have one or two images delivered immediately. Most mail servers have a limit on the mailbox, and due to the size of the images we dont recommend more than three images sent this way.

Developed by SDR PHOTO | Updated on 30 May 2007.